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What does happiness mean to you? As humans, we pursue being happy and feeling joy every day. 

At Fun Happy Quotes, we define happiness, sadness, true love and friendship in fun and happy ways.

Our personal thoughts, feelings, actions and experiences help shape us to become mentally strong and are major factors in the definition of happy we each have within us.

Inspiration for happiness. We have many fun, viral and shareable graphic quotes. Check out our fitness and motivation section to get focusing on your health, wealth and future. Funny happiness quotes to come. 

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It’s True Love…

Heart-warming quotes paired with fun graphics which attempt to capturing the many special moments, thoughts and feelings associated with True Love.

It’s Sadness…

Our Sadness Is collection is meant to portray sadness in a unique and fun way people can relate with.

All quotes are for entertainment purposes only. Do not be offended by anything on our site.

It’s Friendship…

What is friendship?

Our Friendship Is collection portrays the small and often overlooked things in friendship. The many things we often take for granted but mean so much to people.

Find and share quotes you relate you from this collection and share them with friends. This is an amazing way to make another persons day.

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