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10 Life-Changing Quotes on Happiness, Truth and Discipline

ten life-changing quotes on happinesstruth and discipline firstly happinesswhen you love what you have you haveeverything you need this Court makesclear the importance and power thatgratitude can have in transforming ourlives for the betterthus often we are always seeking moremore material possessions or more moneybut we never actually take the time toreally reflect on what is right in frontof us and appreciate what we alreadyhave it's hard to do this in our highlyconsumer society but to break free andto genuinely love what you have is atruly liberating feeling following onfrom this the happiest people don't havethe best of everything they make thebest of everything this also followsfrom the theme of gratitude and itsimportance in allowing us to live ahappy life life is not aboutaccumulating the most expensive andluxurious items that are available asthis will do nothing to make you happywhat is needed instead is a change inattitude and a shift to a newperspective focused on gratitude ratherthan our previous one that was focusedon desire but to summarize this wellthere is no path to happiness happinessis the path as we said before happinessdoes not lie at the end of your careeror after obtaining lots of materialpossessions it is a very large and acommon trap in life for one to say whenI achieve or obtain this then I will behappy just by saying this you'recreating a condition for unhappiness inyour life because up until that pointyou are telling yourself that you haveto be unhappy it is only when you get tothat point then you can be happy thismindset causes great suffering for manypeople so it's important to shift ourmindset to focus on being more happy inthe present moment and then we can beginto work towards our goals once we haveadopted this new perspective as we justmentioned being happy does not equalbeing finished it's a commonmisconception that once one becomeshappy then they no longer need to tryfor anything again it's important for usnot to take this defeatist attitude butinstead we mustcontinue following the goals that we setfor ourselves continue with personaldevelopment and with making the world abetter place and lastly a final reminderon the importance or gratitude comesfrom a quote by Roberts brought enjoythe little things for one day you maylook back and realize that day were thebig things the next section truth willbegin with a quote by the Swisspsychiatrist Carl Jung he states theprivilege of a lifetime is to become whoyou truly arethis refers to the goal of selfactualization where one achieves theirfull potential so often we are full soourselves and to the world we createmasks and hide who we truly are we lieto ourselves telling us that we shoulddo this and that because it's what'sexpected of usbut deep down we know that we arestraying further away from who we trulyare we need to stop distractingourselves with the expectations ofothers instead we must make it apriority that we are true to ourselvesand we follow our true calling in lifewe need to be serious about this and doit as if our life depended on it becauseit does your life does depend on itsecondly the quote by Viktor Frankl theAustrian psychiatrist and Holocaustsurvivor what is to give light mustendure the burning being true toourselves and following the path ofself-actualization is not going to be astroll in the parkchallenges setbacks and obstacles areinevitable but these are the very thingsthat fuel the journey ofself-actualization and make itpurposeful meaningful and fulfillingfinally discipline one of my favoritequotes is by Jim Rohn an author andentrepreneur and it goeswe all must suffer one of two pains thepain of discipline or the pain of regreta year from now you may wish that youhad started today this applies topractically all aspects of one's lifejust imagine if one year ago you hadstarted going to the gym or runningevery day or you decided to start thatbusiness that you always wanted to justthink about where you would be now ifyou have a gun then so now is Ichance to start doing these things andin a year's time we'll be grateful thatwe had started today and took that firststep to finish off we have a quote fromretired Navy SEAL and endurance athletesDavid Gorgons his philosophy is thatlife is one big tug of war betweenmediocrity and trying to find your bestself this Court summarizes well whatwe've looked at already the journey ofself-actualization and trying to findour best self is filled with obstacleschallenges and distractions to find whowe truly are we need to not give in tothe expectations of others and to notdistract ourselves with following themediocre goals that they impose on us weneed to be brave enough to have a visionfor our own life one that aligns withwho we truly are it is only once we'vedone this one will be able to know thetrue greatness that lies within us thankyou very much for watching this videowas slightly different than previousones by hope that is open you up to somenew perspectives and different ways ofview in life I hope that some of thesequotes will perhaps help you orientyourself in life and I hope they'll beable to act as that spark which willfuel this journey that is living yourlife to its full potential and beinggrateful along every step of the waythank you again and be sure to like ifyou enjoyed the video and subscribe forweekly videos every Saturday see younext time on feeling philosophical andgood bye

These quotes aim to help you understand deeper the nature of happiness and the best way we can live a happy life. Also, we introduce some interesting perspectives regarding truth and what it means to live a true and authentic life – here we notice strong ties with an idea known as self-actualisation. Finally, we look at some quotes centred around the power of discipline and its importance in helping us living a significant life and avoiding mediocrity.

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